Extravirgin Olive Oil Rialbo

Welcome to Rialbo’s village 

Developed from centuries old olive growing experience, these are the products  of Rialbo’s Farms located in the heart of Apulia.

Extravirgin Olive Oil (EVO) and Biological EVO is enriched  and  complemented by the simple and traditional Apulian recipes for vegetable preserves, which  together, give the best of the original and traditional flavours of this beautiful land



 Extravirgin Olive Oil

“Gran Fruttato”, is a slightly spicy oil  ideal to accompany meat dishes, bruschetta and vegetables dishes in general.


Extravirgin Biologic olive oil

This slightly spicy Biologic EVO Oil satisfies the demand for unpolluted products.

It is stored in bottles of 0.75,0.5,0.25 liters and in cans of 5 and 3 liters.


Why choose Rialbo’s Extravirgin Olive Oil?

Centuries old traditional experience

During the XI century the Basilian monks planted the first olive trees of the “ Ogliarola” type which today are classified as “monumental trees and during the year 1578 the fortified Masseria Rialbo di Sopra was erected on top of a pre-existing hypogeum olive press.

Hence, from time immemorial, the village and its inhabitants are devoted to olive Farming thus gaining that experience which has allowed us to constantly refine the farming techniques and obtain, due to other olive tree varieties subsequently being planted,the high quality of the olive oils produced today.

Authenticity and freshness of our products

Rialbo’s olive trees and its land are cared for  and treated to guarantee genuine and health giving   Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( with acidity ≤ 0.4%and with high level of polyphenols); the harvesting is done manually at optimum point  of maturity of the olives. The oil is then obtained by cold pressing, done within 24 hours from point of harvest.

Our answers to customer demands

Rialbo’s farms have always been attentive to the various demands of our customers. For this reason the farms have, through the years, integrated the monumental olive trees of the Ogliarola type with other types like the Frantoio,Coratina,Cima di Melfi,Leccina etc. thus allowing us to produce today Extra Virgin Olive Oil  mixtures from the light fruity to the intense fruity characteristics.

Paying the utmost attention to the current needs of our customers we have converted the Rialbo Piccola farm into a biological one and from the year 2015 the farm has been formally authorized to market its EVO as a biological extra virgin olive oil.

We care for our customers’ demands

At Rialbo our customers are above all, friends ,and to our friends we give our utmost attention. For this reason we are able to supply, (if the request is made during the harvesting/ pressing times) personalized mixtures to satisfy the specific requests of our customer friends